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How to Test for an Integer Value in Excel

Excel Function

I was looking around today for an ISINTEGER logic function in Excel but I can save you the bother and tell you it doesn’t exist.

I picked up fractional activity counts in our reported YTD position and wanted to quickly highlight which lines were affected so that I could assess the problem. You may expect some non-integer activity counts for certain areas of healthcare delivery such as drugs and devices where there is a finance related convention to activity reporting but for activity such as outpatient appointments or non-elective spells I would only expect whole number counts for actual reported activity – it’s hard to attend 1.345 outpatient appointments.

Going back to excel, the trick to flagging up the presence of non-integer values is to perform an equality test:


This returns False for non-integer and True for integer values.

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  • Chau

    I use the mod function but this is a more eloquent solution