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Pivot Tables

How to amend a calculated field in a pivot table

How to amend a calculated field in a pivot table Thumbnail

Until fairly recently I didn't realise you could edit user-defined calculated fields in pivot tables. Well I was wrong! All this time I've been taking extra care when creating a calculated field because I didn't think I would get a second opportunity to correct it. Yesterday I was doing some preliminary work for some contracts [...]


Excel Histogram Charts from a Pivot Table

Excel Histogram Charts from a Pivot Table Thumbnail

Today I am processing data from a patient level costing system (PLiCS) and trying to assess the cost distribution by the patients diagnosis. Frequency distribution charts can be a bit painful to produce in excel so I have fallen back on my favourite tool – the pivot table which enables me to produce dynamic excel [...]

Massive Excel Spreadsheets – How to Reduce the Size of Pivot Table Workbooks Thumbnail

Since we’ve moved to excel 2010 with its expanded data range the tendency has been to create ever more detailed reports. Where once we summarised data we can now leave in every last bit of detail. Detailed reports always need summaries which is where the pivot table comes in handy. So now we have huge [...]


There is a division in the office between the have's and the have nots. Those that have taken the brave leap into the unknown and upgraded to Excel 2007 (or even Excel 2010) and those that are resolutely sticking to the old stalwart, Excel 2003. It's a nuisance. Perfectly decent spreadsheets are incapacitated when you [...]


Refresh Multiple Pivot Tables – The Easy Way

I use pivot tables a lot. They drive multiple reports in my workbooks and it is not unusual for me to have 6 or so pivots in each spreadsheet. When the underlying data changes I spend quite a lot of time clicking through each pivot table to refresh it. I was happy to discover the [...]